Tzipora's nEst

a feature documentary by Malka Nedivi


When Malka Nedivi discovers her estranged mother, Tzipora, is subsisting on moldy bread, she moves from Los Angeles to Israel to care for her. 'Tzipora's Nest' follows Malka's struggle to help her elderly mom while getting lost between the roles of director, daughter, wife and mother. Filmed by her six year old, sixteen year old and even strangers on the street, 'Tzipora's Nest' gives new meaning to the word guerrilla filmmaking. Over the course of six years, this emotionally rich documentary describes: immigrant lives, the psychological effects of surviving the holocaust, hoarding, and coming to terms with parenting our own parents. Most importantly, though, this story is about a child returning home and getting to know and accept her difficult, loving, and unforgettable mother.